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The 40th reunion is NOW ON and we're looking for classmates, keep this date: July 30, 2016. If you need more information or wish to contact me, Send Email. Plus, you can RSVP the Facebook page, HERE. To purchase tickets, go EventBrite. We look forward to seeing you.

If you are looking for classmates from 1976, this is the place. Also, we keep a Bulletin Board System to notify all classmates of happenings and "Get togethers".

Other classmates from THS and those who may not have graduated with our class but still attended THS are also invited to join us. Register TODAY!!

You must be a registered member to locate classmates and use the services here, it is FREE of charge for all members. You must supply your email & mailing addresses, yet only the members can send email to other members and the addresses will still be unknown, except to the recipients.
Please try to stay current on your information so we may be able to contact you for our next reunion.

The information gathered here will not be used for any other usage other than right here on this web site and for future reunions. Any unauthorized usage will be grounds for removal from this database. This email list will NEVER be for sale and there won't be any spam associated with it, it is purely here for our classmates to reach each other. Any email sent from this is purely related to THS 1976 Alumni.

Since this site is a non-profit site and it takes about $200 per year to operate (Programming not included), please donate when ever you can to keep the THS Class Of 1976 Web Site alive. If anyone knows of someone who wants to advertise here, to help pay the annual fees, email send me email.
- Thanks.

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