Good morning Divers!!!

Max Depth: ??ft
Dive Duration: 35:??
Time in and out: ?:?? − ?:??
Temp: ?? degrees f
Visibility: 20-30 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, low tide, small waves.
Dive Buddies: Dave. Total of 10.

My watch didn't record the dive so I had to replace the battery after the dive.

I met up with Rich and the mall and he was getting over a cold so he couldn't dive. Since it was going to be a low tide, I requested hitting Deadman's Reef. It's
our default dive site.

When we arrived, the ocean was calm with small waves so we suited up and headed down. I wanted to get some video footage of walking into the water and
then a large wave came up. Normally, I would have backed out, but I wanted to record getting smacked by a wave. And yes, it turned out well. The wave
knocked my mask off and down around my neck and even my hood came off.

We swam out the to drop down point and there were two dive boats there. We dropped down the water had a green tint to it but yet the visibility was still good.
It looked like the spring where the water has a green tint and visibility is not good.

We waited for everybody to descend and then we headed for the reef. We swam up and into the canyons and noticed the dive boat's anchor chain around some

Dave was getting low on air so I took him back to shore while the rest of the group stayed a little longer at the reef. We exited the water with ease and waited
for the rest of the group to exit. After packing up we headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The dive went very well and even though it's been
about a month since I dove, I didn't forget anything.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour