Good morning Divers!!!
I hope most of you saw the sailboat on the beach in Laguna Beach yesterday. I am pretty sure that has happened before, but that is the first one I had seen. Having the live cam helps too. The City decided to move the boat around 3-4 PM, I think they damaged the hull and I kept thinking "We need a new wreck in Laguna..." Some of you emailed the same thoughts and places ranged all over Laguna. But it looks like they will be moving the boat via land with a truck/trailer to somewhere else. If you missed the fun on the live cam, I put together a little 'timeline' from the live cam and you can see that here:
Plus I got a link to the story (Thanks Donna):

Current conditions for diving around Laguna. Well looks like TODAY will be the best day to dive. According to the weather forecast, we will have RAIN again on Thu, which would not be good for weekend diving, in my opinion. Plus it looks like the surf will be increasing as the storm moves in. So get your dive in today and send me a dive report. Today, my best estimate will be that Laguna will have 10-20+ feet of viz and surf running 1-3 feet. Plus for the next few days, the S CA coast will be getting a "King tide" again, extremely high and low tides, it starts tomorrow and runs for about 3 days.

Our plans will hinge on the weather for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour