Good morning Divers!!!
Current conditions around Laguna Beach for scuba diving. I see from the swell models that most of the area is getting 1-2+ feet of surf, I would say there maybe the occasional 3 footer too. From the live cam the water surface is flat & glassy too. I see that sailboat is still sitting up against the cliff as I write this, wonder when they will move it off the beach?? Viz today should be very good before the storm, most of Laguna should get 15-30+ feet of viz depending on where you dive. The King Tide high was at 6:30 this AM and when I look at the live cam, the tide is still really high as I write this too. Should be good diving today. But RAIN is on the way according to the forecast for tomorrow.

Our plans for Saturday will depend on the incoming storm. Louis & I really want to dive S Laguna, but IF there is a rain advisory, we'll be dry and out of the water. So stay tuned. The judgment I will make right now before the storm will be IF the rain is really light, we could still keep our Saturday plans. The reason I say that is because of the extremes of the tides, the bacteria could be lower & washed away IF the rain is light. I only say that from my experiences in the water, I am not a water quality expert, just an observer. But if the rain is heavy, well, we are not going to get our dive in during the extreme high tide :( The viz is usually very good during these extreme high tides. Stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour