Good morning Divers!!!

Before I begin the report, some people are ready for a Rescue class. If you are interested reply back to this email and I'll send you info about the Rescue class. If
you don't have AOW, we can do that during the Saturday dives. Once you have AOW then you can take the Rescue class.

Now on to the dive report:

Max Depth: 36ft
Dive Duration: 22:21
Time in and out: 9:03 − 9:26
Temp: 49 degrees f
Visibility: 5-10 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, extremely hith tide, small waves.
Dive Buddies: David, Ryan, and Ian. Total of 8.

It rained a little a few days before but the county didn't put out the rain advisory, so it was a go. The tide is going to be very high and that means we can go to
south Laguna. I've been twisting Rich's arm to go to Cleo Street but when we got there we both forgot during winter time, the sand disappears in South Laguna.
What we saw was no sand on the beach, only boulders. The tide was very high and the waves were breaking at the stairs. This site was a mess so we decided to
go to Montage.

When we checked out the site at Montage, there was a cliff of sand at the water's edge and because the tide was so high, the waves were at the patio structure.
But still it was possible to dive there so we suited up.

I was one of the last ones to enter the water with Ryan, Dave, and Ian. The rest of the group were swimming over the reef which is normally not possible to
drop down into the system of reefs. I decided to drop down before the reef and find the swim through which only should be done in high tide.

We dropped down and swam along the reef and I was looking for the swim through. I though I must have passed it, but it came into view. We singled filed
swam into the swim through. At the end of it, you had to swim up and through the exit point. We were in about 3 feet of water and the surge was strong. After
regrouping, I headed to deeper water.

When we exited the reefs, the visibility really dropped down. It was about 5 feet and maybe 10 feet. We swam west hoping to find something, but we couldn't
see. I changed course to swim out a little more and then headed east. The visibility never opened up for us.

We stopped at one point and we knew we had to surface to see where we were. I had a reverse squeeze so ascending was difficult. It cleared a little and I was
able to go up a little more. I had to go up very slowly so my ears would clear.

At the surface, we were parallel with the exit point but very far out. Because my ears were giving me trouble, I stayed on the surface to swim back.

Rich has a very different story to tell. He had good visilibility. His story will be tomorrow's email.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour