Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. On Saturday, it was nice to meet some people who joined our list after I met them, which usually doesn't happen. Usually, people join the list and then I meet them, again, thanks for joining up. Now all we need is for people to show up for one of our scheduled dives soon. Welcome aboard.

As Louis mentioned yesterday, this is a tale of 2 different dive reports from the same dive spot, Montage Resort, after we decided that Cleo wasn't dive-able and we voted on Montage over Heisler Park. It was interesting, I had 4-5 divers with me and I mentioned that "If the viz is crap, I'm going to bail on the dive..." Well, the first 5 min or so the viz was what I called "Less than 10 feet" or 5-8 feet. We continued on into the middle of the cove at Treasure Island and also into deeper water and we got 15+ feet of viz, at one point I was wondering if it was close to 20 feet. But we all agreed "It was frigging cold". I also saw a lot of Sargassum Weed, not good, an invader to our waters. When I got out of the water, mainly due to water temp, I thought "Man, I am the first out of the water..." As we started up the steps, I saw other water foot prints and I thought, "So who got out before me???" Then I saw Louis and I was surprised. Our BT was about 35-45 minutes. A few people stayed even longer, but I was cold enough, thank you. But a decent dive. Quite different from Louis' report, isn't it??? I also messed with Louis yesterday, isn't all of Laguna salt water diving?? Can't remember when I last did a fresh water dive in Laguna. Got a laugh on that one.

Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. Yesterday I kept a close eye on the live cam and the swell models. While the winds were blowing it was "Lake Laguna" and if you are into water skiing, the water was like glass. Today, the winds have died down but the flat water remains, although not as flat as yesterday. Surf is still around 1-2 feet and the VIZ has to be improving big time. Viz today should be an "Easy" 20 feet around most of Laguna. The tides have returned more to a normal pattern, at least until next month when we get those extreme tides again as the new moon approaches. So low surf and very good VIZ, what else could you want?? Oh yea, tropical water temps...??

Our plans. No rain in the forecast and this should make for some very good to great diving this w/e. There will be smaller difference between high and low tides on Saturday, again this will favor our dive plans. So get your gear ready and stay warm between now & then and we'll be diving on Saturday. So stay tuned and we'll see how the week progresses. If you head out in the next couple of days, drop me a dive report.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour