Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. Rain. As expected, the County issued the rain advisory less than one minute after I hit "Send" for yesterday's email. You see, I try to wait for them to issue the advisory and when I feel I have waited long enough... You get the idea. Can't win for loosing, something like that. But the surf is up to 3+ feet and the runoff can be seen on the Hotel Laguna live cam. The S Laguna cam has been down for months now, makes me wonder IF they will ever fix it at Victoria's Skimboards, who knows?? Well, you shouldn't be out there today, bacteria levels are high and the odds of you picking up some sort of head cold, or worse, are increased when our local waters are like this. Viz today should be in the 5-10 feet range today. My recommendation is to stay dry today.

Our plans are history for tomorrow. The rain is supposed to last through the w/e and the rain advisory will take 3 more days. So stay dry. I see the Grand National Roadster Show is happening today through Sunday. This is the big car show that moved to our area from Oakland 2 years ago, this is the third year for it here. So if you are into hot rods and customs, this is an idea for you, when we can't dive. Info: http://www.rodshows.com/gnrs/ I see on the news there are lots of other things going on too. You can also check out dive boats to the outer Islands. A good source for you is http://californiadiveboats.com/ So now you have options. See there is always something going on here.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour