Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. RAIN. We have a King tide as I write this, 7:15 AM high tide. Plus we have 3-4+ feet of surf too. The County hasn't issued a rain advisory as of this writing, but regardless, it doesn't look good out there. Viz, (if you have to know) should suck today, I will say it will be around 3-5 feet, maybe a spot or two with 10 feet, but I wouldn't count on it. Better to stay dry today.

Our plans for tomorrow. "History". Louis & I have decided it won't be worth it. Viz and the possibility of high bacteria is a bad combination. Plus we generally want better than 10 feet of viz. All of that means we are cancelling our dive plans for tomorrow. As I have said before "Thumbs down". So we will look forward to next week and it looks like on the long term forecast, no rain, so far. So stay dry and get your "Honey-do's" done. Hopefully, we'll see YOU next Saturday.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour