Good morning Divers!!!

I was under the weather this past weekend and I'm still trying to get rid of this congestion. My allergies went crazy which prevented me from diving.

Here is Rich's report:
I arrived at the mall to find I was the first one there at 7:05 AM. Knowing I couldn't dive today due to recovering from my head cold, I was hoping I would go
back home after everyone left for the beach. But we had 2 newbies (To SCD) and since it was a nice day, I figured I would head to the beach with everyone. I
started a new "Joke" with everyone: "The last one here gets to pick where we dive today..." Since I asked nearly every person as they showed up what they
wanted, the consensus was everyone wanted VIZ over anything else. The voting was more towards Deadman's over Heisler Park. We had 18 divers show up and
all made it to Crescent Bay. Once we got to the beach, I ran into dive buds Marc & Erika, so it was nice to catch up with them too. I got the new people
organized so they would be diving with Ryan. But "Girls", you'll like this, we had 4 ladies dive with us, even though this doesn't happen every dive, you can see
that SCD welcomes the ladies too, so don't think you will be the only one. But since our 2 new people were ladies, Ryan's eyes sort of lit up when I asked "How
do you feel about diving with 2 new ladies today?" Nilo helped out, so everyone was taken care of. So I got out my new beach chair and down to Crescent Bay I
went. Everyone went out as a group and then returned about an hour later in groups of 2 to 4. We were all hoping on 20-25 feet of viz, but alas, 10-15 feet
was the norm with a spot or two with 20 feet. Tide was real low, which did not help the viz. While I was on the beach, several people commented about my new
beach chair, I think I used this line once or twice, "... it's not a chair, it's my throne!!!" Got a couple of laughs on that. Notable things I saw: Lots of divers and
classes at Crescent Bay. Several divers got surprised by "Monster" 2-2.5 foot waves a couple of times. Loads of Dolphins in close to the beach. Unfortunately,
some idiot in his speed boat came right over DM's and into the bay at full speed, nearly hitting divers on the surface and a couple of Standup Paddle boarders
too, missing them by about 20-30 feet, that is too close at those speeds (My opinion). Some of use met up at the Husky Boy for lunch, I was able to answer a
few "What was that I saw?" questions too. Hope you get feeling better Louis. But the weather forecast is questionable for next week. Probably had a lot to do
with the large turnout, "Dive while you can".


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour