Good morning Divers!!!
Say "Hello" to the first day of Spring.

Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. The surf is running 1-3 feet and it is high tide as I write this. Looks like sun could break through in Laguna today, which should help viz. I would say viz should be in the 10-20 feet range today. If you head out, drop me a dive report.

Our plans are for Saturday. Since there is no rain in the forecast, should be decent diving conditions.

As far as the txt msging, it worked out really well on Saturday, when I sent it out, I heard a few of the divers with us on their phones, I thought that was funny. Then I started thinking that if you DON'T want to dive where we are going, join the txt msg list and you will know the area to avoid, that could work for someone people too!!! Good stuff, modern technology.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour