Good morning Divers!!!

Rich reported the surf was high for the previous few days and so diving today was questionable. Just a few of us showed up at the mall. While we were waiting,
two other divers that used our meeting spot returned from Crescent Bay saying the conditions were poor and they didn't dive. We decided to go ahead and see
for ourselves.

We reached the beach and took a look. The surf wasn't that bad, but some very large waves came and pounded the beach. There was a lull and later another
set of large waves hit the beach. With the previous few days of high surf and even having high surf today, the visibility was not going to be good. We estimated
5 to 8 feet. Our minimum is 10 feet, so we canceled the dive.

We headed over to Husky Boy's for breakfast and talked about diving conditions. On the way back to the mall, I had Rich stop off at the Marine Mammal
Sanctuary. It was closed, but the public may visit and view the seals and sea lions. This might make an interesting trip after a dive.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour