Good morning Divers!!!

Rich's email on Friday didn't sound good. The surf was building and the likely hood of getting into the water was getting slimmer. A few people showed up at
the mall and we went to Crescent Bay to check it out.

When we got there, another group of divers were sitting around. They should have been in the water, but they were canceling their dive. They saw a few 6 foot
waves hit the beach before we arrived. We walked down the steps and the ocean was glassy but the waves were picking up. That means the visibility was going
down and the surge was picking up. It would not be a pleasant dive and not worth the effort.

We decided to check out Heisler Park and we got in our cars and drove over there. There weren't any cars parked there and the waves were larger here. We
walked over to Divers Cove and the waves were slapping the shore. We heard from a couple that South Laguna was worse. We decided to eat at Husky Boy's.

After Husky Boy's, Rich and I stopped by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to check it out. As many know, many baby sea lions are being abandoned by their
mothers and they haven't learned to catch fish. They come up on the shore dehydrated and starving. This is happening along the entire coast of California and
many of these rescue organizations are over taxed.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center has a viewing area where the public can see the pinnipeds in their cages. The first cage has the tiny freshly rescued pups.
They don't move much. The next cage has some that are in better shape. They move around a bit more and bark. The next cage has a few better ones. The
next cage is the elephant seal cage. There were 2 sitting in there. The other set of cages have the healthier sea lions and they are noisy, active and in better
condition. The cages behind those are for the elephant seals. There were 152 pinnipeds when we visited and they get a few new ones every day.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Founded in 1971 as Friends of the Sea Lion, Pacific Marine Mammal Center is a nonprofit organization operated by a small paid staff and an extensive network
of dedicated volunteers.

Donation Levels:
Elephant Seal Club: $25
Harbor Seal Club: $50
Sea Lion Club: $125
Pacific Pinniped Club: $500
Protector's Circle: $1000

If you want to help in another way here is what they need:
Postage Stamps
Liquid Bleach
Liquid Pool Cleaner
Lowes/Home Depot/CVS gift cards (for energy efficient light bulbs)
White Office Paper
Paper Towels
Unflavored Pedialyte
Karo Syrup (light)
Tide HE Liquid Detergent (100 oz)
Trash Bags (all sizes)
True Track Glucose test strips (not meten)
Ink Cartridges: HP 98/HP 96/HP 60
Toilet Paper


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour