Good morning Divers!!!

Rich's email on Friday was sounding positive. Many people were reporting good visibility. But on Friday evening, my allergies went from my eyes into my ears
and caused congestion. By 9 that evening, I knew I wasn't going to dive, but I had to go to loan Rich a tank. I got to the mall and before we left, Rich decided on
Heisler Park.

We arrived and the surf was low and it was looking good. Everybody suited up and swam to the drop down point. I was on the beach watch everyone enter and
exit the water. It was cold and having congestion I wasn't comfortable.

A few people started to exit after 30 minutes and one person had issues with his gear and cut his dive short. Rich and the group came in about 10 minutes
later. A few of the group swam past the beach and ended up at Divers Cove.

Rich said that with all the kelp growing in new places, he had difficulties on finding his bearings and got lost. They didn't make it to the outer reef. Many of the
rock formations that point the way to the reef are covered in kelp and that was hid many of the pointers to the reef. The visibility was average for this time of
the year which is about 15 feet. The water temperature was still cold - 54 degrees.

After the dive we headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. I'm hoping that the conditions will remain the same so we can break this pattern of diving
every other weekend.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour