Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Just show up for a scheduled dive soon and you can gain experience in our local waters. Welcome aboard.

Our dive on Saturday had 15+ feet of viz, if there was sunlight, it would have been even better, closer to 20 feet, or better. It surprised me as Louis mentioned how the area has appeared to have changed due to the amount of kelp. I was very much disoriented from how I was used to at Heisler Park. I also noticed that as I was going towards the outer pinnacle that my compass read I was going North for awhile when I know I was going South, so I ignored it, knowing it was working, it wasn't sticking. Then a minute later, while I was still going in a straight line, it suddenly changed to South. I have heard of compass deviation, but this was ridicules, never seen that kind of deviation before. One of our divers had some gear issues and he knew about "Rich's rule of 3", when he had 2 gear issues u/w, he aborted his dive rather than continuing, good job. But conditions were good and it was good to be back in the water too.

Current conditions in Laguna Beach for diving. The scale on the surf models is on the 2 foot scale and they show Laguna getting up to 4 feet of surf. The live cams show Laguna getting mainly 1-3 feet of surf with a glassy surface. Viz should be about the same as the w/e at 15-20 feet, or GOOD.

There was some drizzle/rain yesterday and the County did not issue a rain advisory, good. But our plans will be for Saturday. Forecast for weather looks pretty good, so we should be in the water. Stay tuned.

It was sad to hear about the student diver who died at Shaw's Cove on Friday. My thoughts are with those who knew the diver. We discussed that on Saturday, but we don't know any details as to what happened.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour