Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. The S swell has really dropped down, almost gone. The surf is running 1-2+ feet this AM. The viz appears to be in the 10-15+ feet range. So as the conditions improve, you should be making your dive plans. This time of the year, we usually expect 10-15+ feet of viz, there will be those days where it will be a bit better and those days where it will be worse. But this is our normal pattern that will continue through the summer.

On Saturday, for our dive at the Cleo Street wreck, I was telling everyone how to find the wreck, "If you reach 44 feet of water you need to turn left and you should run right into the wreck..." Well, when we dropped down, we were in 44 feet of water. "Wow, do we continue heading out or turn left?" That was what I was thinking. I knew we were really close to the wreck and since the viz below 30 feet was about 10 feet, we could miss it really easily. First, I went a few feet to the left, parallel with the shore. Then I could see some "Tall darkness" and I turned us back heading away from shore and we hit it, dead center. The condition of the wreck hasn't changed much, although there appears to be a lot more growth on it and around it since we saw it last time, plus lots of critters too. This will probably be our last dive here until after summer, because the parking is nonexistent during the tourist season. You need to dive this site before the parking disappears and when the tide is high. During our dive, the tide could have been a bit higher, we were still hitting the rocks in the surf zone, but manageable because the surf was not much of an issue.

Our plans are for this Saturday. I see from the weather forecast that the air temps will get much warmer, close to 90 degrees in S OC, so it should be bright & sunny, we will see. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow is Chamber Day & Evening, to learn what this is all about go here:
I see one of our regular divers made a donation to the Chamber Challenge, great job Nilo. I highly recommend that everyone who can participate in this fund raising event, do so.

Plus the annual Scuba Show is coming up in Long Beach, for more info:

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour