Good morning Divers!!!

The conditions are bad. Yesterday, the beaches were closed to diving in Laguna Beach. Today, the surf is suppose to be 3-4 feet. Tomorrow it will go down to 2-3. So we are hoping that the conditions will improve this week.

As some know, my Sony Action Cam flooded a few weeks ago. The water came in through the on/off button. Once salt water gets inside electronic devices, they are dead. The memory card was a little wet, but it was still good and this past weekend, I got the video off it. Before I used it on its last dive, there was a software update to the camera that would correct the color while under water. Well, that worked out excellently. The color didn't have that green tint that we always get. Now, I'm really mad that the camera's case leaked and I'm going to send it back to Sony complaining about how the on/off button caused the leak. I'll let everyone know how they respond.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour