Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Well, the fog is heavy and the tide is really low right now, my general thinking is "It is not worth it". I did get a dive report from Crescent Bay & Deadman's Reef yesterday, the surf was "Not for new divers" and the viz 3-10 feet. They even gave up their dive early, thanks Guy. So viz wise, finding a consistent 10 feet of viz is going to be tough. I did call the LBLG's recorded report and diving was open in city limits. But if you want a dive that is not "Braille" or "FRIMO" (Facial Reflection In Mask Only) then today is not what you are looking for. Make sure you call the LBLG's to see IF diving is open in city limits if you decide to head out for a dive, 949.494.6573. They usually update their report between 9-10 AM.

Our plans for tomorrow. THIS SUCKS!! This will be another day where we cancel our plans. Since today's surf is running 3-4+ feet the viz won't be very good tomorrow, the surf would have to drop down to 1-2 feet for the viz to reach 10 feet. Plus the swell models show surf still in the 3-4+ feet for tomorrow. But for Sunday the surf is forecasted to drop down to 1-3 feet. Plus if you went up to PV (Palos Verdes) you could find some decent viz, or consider Catalina. But as far as Laguna Beach, viz is going to be tough to find. So Louis & I will focus on next Saturday. I also need to send out a TxtMsg so that everyone knows we have cancelled our dive plans. To repeat, THIS SUCKS!!

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour