Good morning Divers!!!
Yep, as Louis said, another Saturday and we were not diving. I read quite a few dive reports and the common theme was around 10 feet of viz and a few spots of 15 feet. Sunday was better, so that is a good sign.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I see from the swell models that the surf has really dropped down and it appears to me the S swell is diminishing too. GOOD!! I got a dive report from Javy, his group dove last night at Woods Cove. From what he said, the surf was nonexistent and the viz was 10-15 feet, but got worse in deeper water. So to sum things up, surf is lower and viz is improving. Today, it looks like the surf is running 1-2+ feet and this has to help viz improve even more, so my thinking is you should be able to find 10-15 feet or better viz around Laguna, better at the better viz spots. Drop me a dive report if you head out.

Our plans are for Saturday. It looks like we are finally getting an opportunity to dive. The swell is staying low nearly all week, 1-2 feet mostly and as the viz improves it gives you the chance to get your gear ready and be ready to dive. I am optimistic (For a change) that we will have decent conditions for this w/e. I know most of you are like me and out of "Dive shape" and we will do our best to pick a spot with the toughest beach entry & exit to rub that in, say 1,000 steps???!!!??? No, in reality, we need an easy spot to dive to get back into dive shape and we'll figure that out.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour