Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. "Dive", how's that for a short answer?? Even though BOTH of the Laguna Main Beach cams are not functional, the surf is running 1+ right now. The swell models show very little surf, all dark blue (For those who follow the UCSD models). The S Laguna cam shows no surf at all also. So the divers will love this and the surfers will not. Viz today should be 20+ in places, so I will call it 10-20+ feet.

Ok, time to give some people a hard time. I had about 6 people say "We'll be there Saturday" and we only had 2-3 new people. But I will say this much, you missed out, we had a very good dive, great to be back in the water. Viz above the thermal cline was up to 20 feet and below it 15 feet and YES, we could "See" the thermal cline. I really like seeing the shimmering in the water. Plus it was a good 5 degree drop in temp. I noticed the people at Chez Husky were happy to see us again too. So it was a good day to be diving again in Laguna on Saturday. I enjoyed seeing the 8 or more baby Leopard Sharks in 1-3 feet of water, I nearly said "Sharks" to the kids in the water nearby, hard to resist showing the kids how Sharks can be nice little creatures that everyone should see. Over at Rocky Beach, it is a known breeding area for the Leopard Sharks, great seeing them at Heisler Park.

Our plans are for Saturday. From the swell models, the surf should stay less than 3 feet all week. That said, always keep ready for the rouge 3+ footer, I noticed that on Saturday, even though the models showed 1-2 feet, there was that occasional 3+ footer trying to mess you up. Get your gear ready for this w/e, if you did not make it last Saturday.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour