Good morning Divers!!! It's Friday!!!
Javy sent me his dive report from Wed Night less than 5 minutes after I sent out the group email yesterday, plus he sent me another dive report from last night. He told me the dive Wed was much better than last night, surf has been increasing and viz dropping somewhat. Wed viz was 10-15 feet and last night 10 feet.

Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. Yesterday I said the live cams for Main Beach were "Toast" and wouldn't you know it, but ABC7 fixed the Hotel Laguna Cam a few hours later, must be sunspots or something. But the live cam views show an increase in surf from last night and the swell models show a more aggressive S swell as well. Surf is running 2-3+ feet and the viz has dropped down to 10 feet. So I would call the conditions today, fair. If you head out today, drop me a dive report.

Our plans for tomorrow. We are ON. High tide is at about 8:00, so that will favor our plans. The surf I expect to remain how it is, can be a bit of a challenge for the inexperienced beach diver. Viz will probably be all over the place, less than 10 feet at some dive spots, and maybe a touch better at others. Picking a dive site will be interesting, make sure you take a long look at the surf before deciding what your dive plans are, we'll be doing that too. If you have not dove with us before, please show up a bit early, Louis & I are usually there by 7:10 AM. Directions and maps are on the web page, right there in the center. We will see YOU tomorrow!!!

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour