Good morning Divers!!!

Visibility: 10-15 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, moving to high tide, waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Dale, Ming. Total of 10.

Rich wasn't feeling well so he passed on the dive. He did met up with us up at the mall. There were a few new people that showed up and we decided on
Crescent Bay to dive Deadman's Reef.

We got to the beach and some good sized waves were hitting the beach. Timing was going to be very important today. You can get into the water between the
big sets of waves. We suited up and headed on out to the drop down point. We descended.

The water was murky and had a greenish tint. Visibility was only 10-15 feet at the start of the dive. Some places the visibility was a little more. The water was
pretty cold down below. We started to swim towards the reef and I noticed Deadhenge was to my right. We changed course and followed it to the reef. The
cement coffin was a huge kelp growing on top and covers it up. Those new to the site, will wonder why some of us were pointing at it.

We headed up and over the reef into the canyon. The group broke up and some stayed with me. We swam slowly through the canyon and turned right so we
could swim on the outside of the reef. We circled the reef a few times and then headed in.

We crossed the sandy plain and then hit the inner reef. We changed course and swam east. We reached the edge of the inner reef and headed into shore.
Exiting the water was going to be tricky. The surf picked up and a few five foot waves were hitting the beach. Timing was every thing and we timed it to exit the
water when the surf went down.

We packed up our gear and headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was a tricky day of diving.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour