Good morning Divers!!!

Welcome to those new on the list. This is the group that welcomes new divers to shore diving in Laguna Beach. Show up at our meeting place and we'll help you out with discovering Laguna Beach.

We've been hitting as many spots as possible before winter hits. When winter does come around, all the sand in southern Laguna disappears and makes it hard to dive there. I took a picture of Mountain Road without sand and it's in the archive of photos on the web site. You'll see that getting to the water is extremely hard.

The diving conditions are good today. The surf is remaining small. But many of us work and we won't get to the beach until Saturday. I'll keep track of the conditions and hopefully it'll remain good this whole week.

I don't mention it often, but I am an instructor and getting an Advanced certification is easy. I do that during the SCD dives so that makes it convenient. I do know of some people that want to be Rescue certified and I'm still waiting to get a full class so I can teach that. Divemaster is the ultimate diving class where you learn more about diving. I have 3 people ready to take it and it's open for more. And if you needed specialities, there are many I can teach. Let me know if you are interested. Either email me or come to the Husky Boy's after a dive to discuss.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour