Good morning Divers!!!

So I'm driving on the 405 and construction is up ahead. A few weeks ago it was really bad and I had to get off the freeway. This time the car pool and fast lane
were closed so the freeway slowed down a bit and I didn't have to get off the freeway. I get into OC and Euclid has some construction. The signs say 5 lanes are
closed but it was only 2; the car pool lane and fast lane. Right when I was exiting that mess, Rich calls me up and says his car's battery is dead and I have to get
him. So I'm stressing because I'm running behind now. I picked up Rich and we got to the mall about 10 minutes late.

The surf picked up on Friday and Santa Ana winds started blowing. Would this knock the surf down? We drove to Crescent Bay and the answer was no. The surf
was pounding the beach, but out far, the ocean was calm.

We canceled the dive and went to Husky Boy's to discuss dive toys and travel destinations.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour