Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions around Laguna Beach. The swell is staying low in the 1-2+ feet range, no sign of a S swell either. So viz today should be in the 10-20+ feet range, which is pretty good. Drop me a report if you go out today.

Our plans are "Looking good" for Saturday. The tide will be high during our plans, so that favors where we can go to too. Plus it looks like the surf will build a bit tomorrow and then drop off to about 1 foot in places on Saturday. So with all of that, why aren't you diving?? Hmmm??? Get your gear ready and be ready to dive. If you are not on the TxtMsg list and want a TxtMsg for our Saturday plans, see the TxtMsg sign up page and make sure you understand how that process works before signing up. We prefer everyone meets us at the meeting spot at the mall, that way we can get to know you without that added stress of getting ready and checking out the dive site. So again, why aren't you diving?? Nuf said...

I keep getting these emails and at first, I thought there was some new invention in housing, "Underwater homes" but I guess they weren't what I was thinking they were. So much for junk email, bummer. My attempt at humor this morning.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour