Good morning Divers!!! Happy Halloween!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I see from the swell models that today, there is a very slight S swell, although surf heights are running 1-2+ feet. Viz? I got a couple of dive reports and the viz at various sites is running 10-20 feet. It will depend on where you go today, if you head out.

I've had a couple of divers ask about SCD starting up our Wed dive plans again, I call it "Hump Day Divers". I have 2 divers that will commit to Wed's for awhile. IF you have Wed's off and want to dive in the AM, let me know, I want to see what the interest is for it. I will let everyone know the interest level.

Our plans are for Saturday. Right now Sat looks better as the surf drops down to 1-2 feet. Vis should be in the 10-20+ feet range. Since Sat is Nov 1, remember we always get very good viz during Nov/Dec, so is that going to start Saturday??? We'll see. Remember that I have all of the info on where we meet on the SCD web page under "Directions" with a Google map.

So again, Happy Halloween. If you party tonight, make sure you have a DD-Designated Driver (Or DIVER if you wish). Stay safe and watch out for the little ones tonight.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour