Good morning Divers!!! Well, it's Monday, start of a new work week.
I can never decide whether to start with Saturday Recap or current conditions, so today, I'll start with....

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. The surf is low at 1-2 feet and no sign of a S swell. Viz will depend on where you go, but you should be able to find 35-50 feet of viz around Laguna Beach. Yep, the great conditions are here for Nov/Dec and it is time to dive. If you head out drop me a dive report.

Saturday Recap. We had 21 divers show up and several had not dove with us before and about 5 people had not been to Heisler Park before. I had received some reports that viz around parts of Laguna was 40-50 feet and "Not Lake Laguna, how about a swimming pool" (I just loved that description, thanks Michael). Because I knew it was low tide, we were going to dive somewhere in N Laguna, hence Heisler Park. We got there and suited up, I was a few minutes late with the TxtMsg, which I send from the dive site, so my apologies there. But the surf was 1-2+ feet at Heisler. But the story of the day was the viz. Last week at Cleo, not known for its viz, we had 15-25 feet and on Saturday we had 35-45+ feet of viz. I could easily see our bubbles hit the surface from 47 feet. I just kept looking at the kelp and the canopy above and the lighting coming down thru it, unbelievable viz. There was also a dive boat there that left shortly after we swam past it on our way to the outer pinnacles. On our way back in several of our group helped out a diver in distress who wasn't with our group, as I say we take of our own, the dive community is very good about that. So my thanks to all of those who helped out. Louis was on vacation and unable to join us.

Our plans are for THIS Saturday. As long as the rain stays away, we should have great viz. If the SA winds show up, the viz will even be better. So IF you are NOT diving, you are missing out with these great conditions.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour