Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:54am
Time: 45 min
Max Dept: 49ft
Temp: 60 F
Visibility: 30 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, low tide, small waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: The Italians and Kitty. Total 12.

A storm was coming and we had a chance to get into the water before it arrived. While driving to Laguna, some rain fell in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.
This was going to be close. I arrived at the mall and it was dry. We decided to go to Deadman's Reef because it was low tide. Rich was going to sit this dive out
and we headed to the beach to check out the conditions.

We arrived and there were no waves. The water was choppy because of the approaching storm. It was still dry so we suited and headed into the water.

On the swim out, the water was getting more and more choppy, but the visibility remained very good. We reached the drop down point and a group of sea
lions were swimming around us. We didn't drop down fast enough and they got bored and left by the time we reached the bottom.

The visibility was excellent and we made our way to the reef. We saw a very large halibut and I got some video of it. We swam along the reef and swam around
the easterly end and then went into one of the canyons. We swam out and swam along the back end and at the easterly end again, we went into the other
canyon. Then swam along the north side where the visibility was better and back to the east end.

Some were getting low on air so we headed back in. With good visibility we were able to see many of the rock formations and the kelp growing from it. We
swam along the inner reef and in 5 feet of water, we popped up and walked out of the water. A few sprinkles started to fall while we walked to the car and
packed up.

We ate at Husky Boy's and then the rain started to come down. We made it. We did an excellent dive before the storm hit.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour