Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. "Still good". I was a bit concerned when I saw the scale on the swell models yesterday on the 2 foot scale. As I looked at it, it appeared to me that San Diego was washed out with 5+ feet of surf. But here in Laguna, it was still mostly in the 1-2+ feet range. The live cams showed that as well. Today the swell models are back on the 1 foot scale and looking good in Laguna. Since the viz all around Laguna ranged from a low of 30 feet to 40+ in places over the w/e, I will say viz is still really good at 25-35+ feet. So if you are not planning any diving, YOU are missing out. I can't put it any simpler than that, IF you dive, you should be out there.

Our dive on Saturday was really good. Not quite as good as a few weeks ago at Heisler Park, but viz at 30+ feet, very good. Plus the amount of sea life is getting better & better. It seems to me that Laguna could become an even better/bigger destination for divers because of the amount of sea life here. I am happy that all of Laguna is protected, it is really starting to recover, but it is still far from what it was back in the 80's.

Our plans. I see there could be some moisture in the forecast. I don't know yet how that will pan out, so it is time for the pagan rituals for good diving conditions and to keep the rain away. Of course I mean that in jest too. But IF it holds out and we stay dry and the County does not issue a rain advisory, WE will be in the water on Saturday. I expect good conditions for the w/e, again, if we don't get rain. Plus on Saturday there is only one high tide, which always means very little water movement and that means even better viz. So let's hold out for NO rain and see what happens. If you head out, drop me your dive report with how it was and where you went. Plus let's get in some dives in other places than just Shaw's Cove, get out there and explore Laguna while the conditions are as good as they are.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour