Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:57am
Time: 45 min
Max Dept: 49ft
Temp: 58 F
Visibility: 30 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, low tide, no waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Louie. Total 22.

We had a couple of weeks of built up demand because of rain. So a lot of people showed up at the mall. We had a few new people. We decided to go to
Crescent Bay and dive Deadman's Reef because the tide was moving to low.

We arrived at the beach and saw no waves, calm ocean conditions and the tide was getting low. We suited up and headed out to the water.

I paired up with a new diver, Louie, and there were 23 of us ready to descend. We started our descend and Louie couldn't clear his right ear. I gave me a few
chances to get that cleared up, but it didn't happen. He returned to the surface and swam back in. I continued on to the reef and met up with the group.

I swam into the canyon and saw a leopard shark on the bottom. I quickly turned my camera on and swung around to meet him face on. The shark stayed there
for a few seconds and then bolted away. I swam more into the canyon and stopped at a wall and sat at the bottom. I turned on the camera and many of the
sheepshead fish were curious about my camera and I got a few close up shots of them. A Garibaldi looked really hard at my mask and then attacked it.

I finished with the video and swam along the outside portion of the reef, then back in towards the canyon again. My tank was half full and I decided to swim
back in.

I passed Deadhenge and then made my way along the inner reef. I passed Mike & Jerry and after a bit, I took a glance at my dive computer and it said it was
time for a safety stop. I watched my computer go through the countdown of the safety stop and proceeded on after it was finished. Mike & Jerry passed me up
and I over took them and passed them again.

In about 5 feet of water, I ascended next to Dave his group and we exited the water where Rich was waiting for us all. We packed up our gear and headed to
Husky Boy's.

At Husky Boy's, Jay - the owner, called on their phone and asked if Rich was there. He told Rich that we get some dessert to celebrate the holidays. Thanks Jay
for the ice cream sundaes! We talked the things we saw and took off afterwards. Another excellent day of diving in Laguna Beach.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour