Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. If you want to dive, then join us, you will have plenty of other people to dive with and you will gain experience in our local waters. Welcome aboard.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Surf's up more than it was over the w/e. Looks like there is a lot of 2-3+ feet of surf over Laguna. The viz should be in the 15-20 feet range. If you head out drop me a dive report. It seems that currently we will have several good days, followed by several bad days. So conditions keep changing day to day. If the rain stays way we have opportunities to dive.

My recap from Saturday. With viz as good as Louis reported, 20-35+ feet, I was impressed that another day with only 1 low or high tide the viz clears up so much. On our way back in, I saw this 2-3 foot Silver fish with yellow tinted fins and tail, I thought it was Yellowtail, not Yellow Finned Tuna. But the tail wasn't 'V' shaped, it was squared off like a Bass of some sort. So off to Google images I went, turns out what I saw were 4-5 2-3 foot long White Sea Bass. I had never seen one before, I was always told that White Sea Bass hate divers and "Take off" as soon as they hear the bubbles. But my first reaction when I saw the first one was "Don't make eye contact" maybe it would stick around and did it ever, I was within a foot or two from it. It was quite an experience to see that. I have been diving for over 40 years and it is always great to see something I have never seen before. One was really close and the rest of them were about 10-15 feet away. Makes me wonder if all fish are realizing it is safe to "Hang out" in Laguna. Plus on our way out there, a large yacht stopped over Deadman's and started fishing, once I yelled at them that "Laguna is protected, you can't fish here" they pulled up anchor and moved South, probably fished elsewhere. Yet none of use saw a name on the boat. So I could not report them to the DFW.

Our plans are for Saturday. I saw that on Saturday, this time there is only 1 high tide. If our record stays the same, we should have good viz again. Will it be 40 feet again? Well, we'll have to go see won't we??? Stay tuned, there is an drop in surf the later half of the week only to pick up for Friday. Get your gear ready, I don't know how much longer the good viz will stick around.

I added a new feature to the SCD web site, 'Video'. If you make a video in Laguna and post it to YouTube, I can enter the info into the process and it will show up on the SCD web page. I added a few of the video links people have sent me and Louis' from Saturday dives. So if you want one from one of our dives posted, put an SCD title in it somewhere and I'll post it there for you. Check it out.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour