Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:50 am
Time: 41 min
Max Dept: 51ft
Temp: 60 F
Visibility: 10-15 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, high tide, large waves, very surgy.
Dive Buddies: Total 5.

It's been a long time since I was in the water - January. I didn't get a single dive in during February. Today's dive was border line ok. The visibility was
good in places - about 20 in some, but mostly 12 feet. The surge was high at times but if you wait, you can get in or out.

Only 6 of us were at the mall and Rich decided not to dive so only 5 of us were going to go in. Since conditions have been bad, we decided on
Crescent Bay and dive Deadman's reef. We got into our cars at 7:45 and headed to the beach.

When we checked out the surf, there weren't any waves but after awhile, the surf came and it was pounding on the shore. We decided to give it a try
and we suited up and headed out.

My dump valve on my BCD was letting all air escape and so I had position my self so air wouldn't come out and I made it to the group. I asked Dave
and Paul what was going on and they said the dump valve was letting all the air out. We descended and once at the bottom we swam to the reef.

There were some large white looking fish that I saw through the corner of my eye and by the time I fumbled with my camera to get a shot, they were
gone. I got some video of other fish. I wanted to head back early so I left the group and swam back in.

Before I reached the shore, I saw a large sheep crab walking around and I got some video of that. I was in about 8 feet of water and ascended. With
my dump valve not holding air, I quickly got out of the water and walked back up to the car with Rich. We unscrewed the dumped valve, cleaned it and
put it back on. After that little cleaning, it was able to keep the air in the BCD.

We met up at Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was a typical Laguna Beach conditions and those that sat this dive out, didn't miss much.
When I got home to download my videos, I only had two. The mode was switched to photos so I have a bunch of unfocused pictures instead of videos.



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour