Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Getting better. Well, I learned that all I need to ask is "Send me your dive reports" with nothing about Laguna. Most I get are for our area, but I even got one from someone on the list from Puerto Vallarta. I like that, thanks. But Amber & Kathryn both said diving was good around Laguna, 20+ feet in S Laguna. Speaking of which, what is the sand situation at Mountain Street? Anyone know? I am trying to figure out when the sand will be back, no cliff to drop down to the sand on the beach. So I need my "Spies" to let me know what is happening at one of our favorite dive spots. Today, the surf is a bit higher at 1-3+ feet but I think viz will hold at 15-20+ feet, so my thinking is the "Worth it" factor is positive. Again, send me your dive reports.

Our plans for Saturday look good right now. stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour