Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:54 am
Time: 43 min
Max Dept: 61ft
Temp: 54 F
Visibility: 10-25 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, high tide, waves, current.
Dive Buddies: Chris, Jeremy, Spanish Couple. Total 14.

Rich called in sick so it was my turn to lead the group. The surf was up a bit and there were surfers on the beach. Conditions were good once you get
pass the waves. Visibility up to 20 feet.

I got to the mall and we had two new people join us. Since the surf has been up, I decided to go to Crescent Bay where the visibility would be good.
We got in our cars and took off for the beach at 7:45.

The new people didn't park in our area and so we couldn't help them out if they needed any assistance. We suited up and entered the water. Timing
was very important because some good sized waves were hitting the beach. It's a bad sign when you see surfers catching waves. While swimming out,
I rolled over and took a peek at the water and it looked good.

The drop down point was hard to get to. Kelp was in the way, the current was strong, and it was high tide which made us not line up properly. We
dropped down and adjusted our headings and made it to the reef. We went up and over the reef and stayed on the back side. The visibility opened up
there but the current was really strong. It was hard swimming around the side to get to the front end of the reef. I got some video of a female
sheephead fish really interested in my tank area. I don't know what she wanted.

We swam up and into the canyon and I parked into the crevice again. It's the third time and I got some more video of fish. It was about time to head
back and we swam up and back down to the front end. We were close to deadhenge and that's where another group of the group showed up and we
all swam back to shore together.

Along the way, I saw a little sting ray and tried to get some video of that. I was getting a cramp in my calf if I tried to swim fast and catch up with it. We
ascended in 15 feet of water and swam the rest of the way back to shore, avoiding the big waves that hit the beach.

At Husky Boys, we got together and talked about our dive. If anyone remembers Gary Ho, he was there and talked about seeing a mother whale with
her calf in 20 feet of water at Divers Cove. The whales came to 20 feet of him and his class and then took off. A once in a lifetime event. Might as well
retire from diving after seeing that!



Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour