Good morning Divers!!!

Both Rich and I sat out on this dive. Rich didn't get air into his tanks and I had a free flow regulator. The visibility was normal - 15-20 feet. Some waves
hit the beach which made entry and exit a little tricky but it was all about the timing.

I got to the mall and Rich was there talking to a few new people. The regulars came and they decided to break from the group and dive Mountain. We
decided on Crescent Bay.

When we got to Crescent Bay, all of the parking spaces were gone! We went for plan B which was go over to Heisler Park. When we got there, there
were plenty of parking spaces. We suited up and when I turned on my air, the regulator was free flowing and wouldn't stop. I found out at the dive shop
that one of the pieces in the first stage failed and caused high pressure to the mouth piece. When a regulator fails, it free flows. So I was out of the

The group entered the water and swam out to the drop down point. Dave and Ted lead the group on the dive. They saw the usual fish and nothing out
of the ordinary. Their dive time was about 30-40 minutes. A diver not with us, had some trouble getting out of the water and one of our divers helped
him out. Everyone else had good timing and weren't hit by the waves.

We boxed up our gear and headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The holiday weekend is coming and we are thinking of diving on the
3rd along with the 4th. Rich will have more this week.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour