Good morning Divers!!!

Video for both days:

7-3-15 Mountain Ave
Begin Time: 9:08 am
Time: 39 min
Max Dept: 29ft
Temp: 62 F
Visibility: 15 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, moving to high tide, south swell waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Rich. Total 12.

A few new people showed up at the mall with one of our old regulars that we haven't seen in years. The conditions were good, not excellent and there
was some waves and lots of surge.

We got to the mall and met up with a few new people and the rest of the group came in and most were here by 7:30. We decided on Mountain Ave, so
we got into our cars and drove down at 7:45.

We arrived and there was parking but a few had to park on PCH. There were some good sized south swell waves hitting the beach so timing was
important. We suited up and swam out.

When we were all together, we dropped down and proceeded to find the swim through. After a few minutes, Rich came across it and I was the first in
to try to record it. The surge was really intense and I fought it so I could stay in a little longer. A strong surge came through pushing me back and then
it sucked me up and out the other end. I bashed against the rocks like a pin ball and came out. I turned around and aimed my video camera to those
coming out. After everyone came out we proceeded to explore the reefs.

We swam along this large reef and a diver pointed up to the surface. There was a large school of fish above the reef. I extended my camera pole and
pointed it to the fish.

After that we swam around some more and then we headed back in. I knew I had to watch out for the reef near the beach so I headed east for awhile
and then headed back in. When we reached 15 feet of water, it became dirty and visibility dropped. We ascended and ended up in front of the stairs. A
large set of waves came in and we had to time it right to get out.

We packed our gear and headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was a good day, visibility is always a little lower at Mountain. The
surf was tricky but we managed.


7-4-15 Deadman's Reef
Begin Time: 9:00 am
Time: 45 min
Max Dept: 49ft
Temp: 54 F
Visibility: 15-20 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, moving to high tide, south swell waves, surge.
Dive Buddies: Rich. Total 10.

Nobody new showed up. It was the regulars with Rich, Gregg, and myself going to do two dives in two days. There was a fire the day before and the
road had one lane blocked. The crowds were arriving for a full day of beach activities at Crescent Bay.

It was Gregg, Rich and myself going to do another dive. The rest were regulars and no newbies showed up. We took off for the beach at 7:45 and had
some traffic problems getting close to Laguna. The fire yesterday had one lane shut down and the fire dept was sitting there just in case the fire came
back. The conditions looked good but some large south swell waves hit the beach while we were looking. We suited up and entered the water.

When I entered the water it was calm but then some large waves came and I got past them. At the drop down point we descended and we headed
towards the reef.

We swam towards the eastern edge and then the group broke up into smaller groups. I went up and over the reef criss crossing Rich a few times. I
went over to the far side where the sheep head fish gathered to find them. They weren't there. Most were at the shore side of the reef and greeted us
when we arrived at the reef. I took some video and swam around a bit.

When I got down to 1500, I headed back in and saw dead henge. I took some video of swimming along it and put away my camera when I got to the
end of it. I swam along the inner reef and felt really relaxed in the shallows. I ascended and got out of the water and made my way across the crowds
of the early beach goers. They staked out their territory and will stay there for the entire day.

We packed up our gear and headed to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. This day was an easier day of diving than at Mountain which was very
surgy and had less visibility. The visibility at Deadman's is always the best in all of Laguna Beach.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour