Good morning Divers!!!

Welcome to those that are new to the list. This is the group that dives every Saturday (conditions permitting).

And conditions are not good. We canceled the dive on Saturday. The surf was running high over the weekend. And we had a rain advisory for Orange
County and it was lifted on Sunday.

This week, we have more south swells coming in and rain in the forecast. It might rain today and tomorrow and so the county might issue a rain
advisory. But it should be lifted by Saturday. On Thursday and Friday, surf will be running chest high on both days. On Saturday it will only be waist
high. When it's waist high, that is below our cut off point and we might be diving. We had 3 cancelations in a row.

We are still planning on Catalina for the 26th. We take the Long Beach Catalina Express to Avalon at 6:15am. By the time we get to Casino Pt, it's
about 8am and the trailer opens up to rent tank and weights. Coming back, you have many choices. We spend the day there and you can do up to 4
dives. There are many places to eat and relax and chat with the group.

Rich will have more throughout the week and we have our eyes on hurricane Linda if it will bring high surf to Laguna.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour