Good morning Divers!!!

There is still time to join my Rescue class. November 1st will be our exam day. Email if you have questions.

I was in the first tender to get off the ship. The Long Beach Catalina was arriving at the same time. I got off and checked my luggage in to be
transported to Casino Pt. I met up with Bruce and Paul and told them about the luggage service. I caught up with Chuck and Dave was there holding a
spot for us. The first dive was at the Sue Jack. While swimming to the drop down point, we noticed the lack of kelp. We dropped down and swam up to
the wreck. Chuck and Dave saw a giant Black Sea bass. We swam along the coast and I tried to find the swim platform but didn't.

For the second dive we decided to dive without gloves. Chuck said the swim platform is now out of the park. The border shrank. Chuck lead the way to
the edge. We dropped down and exited the park to the swim platform. The swim platform used to have kelp but now,it is,gone. We headed over to the
ship wrecks and explored. When we were going up and over the wreck, we saw 2 giant Black Sea bass swim by. There were going at a good speed so
we couldn't follow them. We swam around some more and then finished the dive.

The last dive was to be hood less. It felt cool at first but we got used to it. We swam along the coast and explored the Sue Jack again. We headed back
to the stairs and exited the water. It was a little too cold at the end of the dive.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour