Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 8:49 am
Time: 44 min
Max Dept: 55ft
Temp: 65-65 F
Visibility: 40 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, King high tide, small south swell waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Rich. Total 10.

I was on vacation and missed the last 2 weeks so it was good to be back in the water. The conditions were bad a few days before and it did rain in South OC, but no
rain advisory was issued. We were having a king high tide where the moon and sun pull on the ocean from the same direction make the water movement more and
a higher tide.

I got to the mall and there weren't any new people. We decided on Crescent Bay to get the best visibility that Laguna can offer. We pulled out of the parking lot at
7:45 and zoomed down to Crescent Bay. A lot of cars were already there so we have to parked a little further.

The ocean was coming up on the beach covering most of the sand that we usually walk on. The waves were breaking and coming up to the wall. A deep channel
was dogged in near the stairs. We decided to give it a try and suited up.

While swimming out to the drop down point, I rolled over to see the visibility. The ocean was clear and it looked like we were going to have 40 feet of visibility
which is excellent for Laguna. At the drop down point we descended. I was able to see that we were up the coast a little further because deadhenge was east of
the drop down point. James and I swam over to that and followed it in to the reef. We swam and around the reef. It seemed different and maybe that was because
the tide was so high - about 6 feet higher.

On the back side of the reef, I saw a shiny object and swam towards it. It was a half of a scallop shell. I swam a little further and saw the other half. I decided to join
the two pieces and picked up the first half that I saw. When I picked it up, a bunch of California Sheep Head fish came out of nowhere to watch what I was doing.
One bumped into my arm where I dropped it. The fish swam towards and inspected it making sure all the meat was eaten. I picked back up and quickly joined the
two pieces. The fish were thinking that this was a new scallop and started to inspect it. I swam away and the fish kept their eyes on it.

I joined up with Rich and the rest and we saw a tightly grouped school of fish. We decided to surround them and see what they would do. They got nervous and
half of the school swam away and the other half stayed around and then went away. I noticed I was getting low on air and it was time to come back.

I swam near the last remaining pinnacle and knew I had to swim east. While doing that I saw a school of yellow tail or white sea bass. I couldn't see the shape of the
tail to determine which they were. I swam past the inner reef and looked at my gauge. It was time to come up. I swam at an angle going up to the surface and had
to swim the rest of the way on the surface to shore.

After packing our gear we headed over to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. It was an excellent day of diving and those that missed out really missed out.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour