Good morning Divers!!!

Begin Time: 9:04 am
Time: 35 min
Max Dept: 48ft
Temp: 62-63 F
Visibility: 25 feet
Conditions: Salt water, shore dive, low tide, small west swell waves, surge, current.
Dive Buddies: Chuck and James. Total 12.

We skipped the dive last week because of high surf and this week we got a dive in. Next week looks like rain on Christmas Day and we'll probably skip diving next
week. So this was the last dive of the year. Rich sat out on this dive and there were about 12 of us.

We arrived at the beach and the surf was small. A storm was predicted for the afternoon so we had to beat the storm. I swam out to the group and they drifted very
far off course. I swam back to the drop down point and the 3 of us dropped down and found the reef without problem while the others couldn't find it.

We approached the reef and there were lots of big fish swimming around. The kelp bass are getting big and the California Sheep Heads are numerous and big.
Some white bass swam by. We swam along the reef and the sargassum weeds were thick and large. About 2-5 feet high. We went around the back side and saw
more schools of fish. Lots of kelp bass hanging out in the kelp.

We swam around to the front of the reef and found the coffin. It was upside down and with Chuck and myself, we tipped it over. While doing that, the California
Sheep Head got really excited and I felt them bump into my leg. Chuck could swear that they were biting his leg.

We swam along the inner reef and exited the water. Then to Husky Boy's for food and conversation. The water is back to it's winter temperature and the visibility
wasn't as good was it was a few weeks ago.


Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour