Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our group of local OC divers. Show up for a dive and you'll have plenty of others to dive with. Welcome aboard.

Saturday recap. I showed up at the mall, but I couldn't go to Laguna due to a prior commitment, so Chuck sent me a dive report.
Left the Laguna Hills at 7:45 am, arrived at Crescent Bay 8:05 am +-, Parking available in the upper area. Checked out the conditions, the waves had 3 to 4 foot faces, 4 to 5 per set and coming in in a frequency at about 5 minute intervals. Wasn't enough to scare the brave of heart so we suited up (personally I was going to dive under any conditions, and that was the general feeling of the group). Swam out to the drop zone, the group meet up, ten (10) divers in all.
9:00 am descended
Air Temp - 68 F
Surface Water Temp - 59 F
Bottom Temp 57 F
Drop Depth 42 ft.
Viz 5, 10 max 15
What was exciting as we made our way out on the surface there were some dolphins playing around. We were hoping that we would see them under water, however if they stayed with us viz was so poor we didn't see them. The Viz at the drop zone 10 foot max, with a mild surge on the bottom. As we made our way to the southerly end of the Reef, viz was so poor, the group kind of broke up, Paul and I head out around the reef and up along the outer side. As we got into deeper water (max depth 62 feet), the reef gave us some protection from the surge and viz got a little better 15 ft. Saw some Sheephead, California Garibaldi, and some Yellow Tail, as well as a couple of Lobsters hanging around under the bottom rocks. But in general Viz was so limited that we didn't see a lot of fish. After making it to the north end of the reef we encountered a mild surge, wasn't too bad though as we headed southerly along the inner walls of the reef. Once turning and head up along the bottom towards the beach and once we got into about 30 feet of depth the surge started to take over . A points so much sand was be pulled off the bottom it felt like we were in a sand storm. Felt like swimming in a toilet bowl. Had to hold onto the bottom while the surge pulled out, and when it move back in what a ride. I didn't know I could swim so fast (LOL). When we got into about 20 feet of water I ascended, as other stayed on the bottom, it was easier swimming on the surface. Meet up with Paul and others on the beach. All in all not the best diving conditions, however a bad day of diving basically beats anything else (maybe not surfing). It was worth it and it felt good to be back into the water. Hopefully the swells will drop a little this coming week and next weekend could be better. If not Catalina?
Thanks Chuck.
I see I did not miss much. In fact, every diver report I read for Laguna said viz was 5 feet, I was hoping on 10-20 out at Deadman's, so much for being optimistic.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Surf wise, today will be the lowest day for surf for the start of the week. Surf appears to increase all week. But it's the viz that should be getting better, but it isn't, so that bothers me. So you need to make good choices over the next few days.

Our plans are for Saturday. With the weather being warm today and the next couple of days, it should lead to lower surf and better viz, but nothing is as it should be this winter, very difficult to predict anything. But stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour