Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Show up for a dive and you will have plenty of others to dive with. Welcome aboard.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I received a dive report from Shaw's Cove from a dive on Monday and viz was a bit better than I thought at 15-20 feet. But today, nope, it's all gone now. Surf is intense out of the W and Catalina can't block it for Laguna, which is getting 6-8+ feet. Viz? Don't even attempt a dive with this kind of surf. While I was looking at the swell models, they show what appears to be the Sunset Beach area getting 10-12+ feet of surf. I also saw on the news how 4 people got swept off a jetty near Redondo, so take this surf seriously. I am always amazed about how people just think "It's only water..." same thing happened in 1997 and people were swept away all along the coast in S CA. Being divers, we should all understand the power behind these waves. Take pictures from a safe spot. So stay safe. Catalina has what looks like low surf, but you have to get there, crossing the channel with 8-12 foot swells, not enjoyable and I don't think the various 'Expresses' are going either, you would have to call them.

Our plans are for Saturday, doesn't look good right now. Even if the surf dropped down to 1 foot (Unlikely), it would take about 2-3 days to get viz back to 10 feet. But stay tuned never the less.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour