Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Thumbs sideways today. The surf is so-so at 2-3+ feet. But the viz is still suffering at 5-12 feet. So you need to decide if it is worth it or not. Send me your dive reports.

Our plans for tomorrow are cancelled. Louis & I talked about it, surf is sorta ok, but with the viz being as low as it is, we're not going to dive. As I keep saying we are looking for a 10-15 feet minimum for our dives. We find it difficult to take out newer divers when we cannot see them u/w. Plus there is an incoming storm for Tue and that is bringing high surf advisories, although for Laguna, I think the surf will stay where it is right now at 2-3+ feet. So instead, we will look forward to next Saturday. Stay tuned. Send me your dive reports if you decide to dive in Laguna tomorrow.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour