Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Seems like it repeats daily, fairly flat in the morning, then it picks up for the afternoon, surf wise. Surf right now is running 1-3 feet. But its the viz I'm worried about, around 10 feet. If you head out today, let me or Louis know about it.

Our plans for tomorrow are canceled again. I want to get back in the water, but in our opinion, it is not worth it. There may be a spot or two with 10-15 feet of viz, but I don't think it is all over Laguna. We're just suffering from bad surf during the week and messes up the viz for Saturday. If you go, go ahead, rub it in on us for having "Worth it" standards. So stick with us, we'll look ahead to next Saturday.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour