Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. I just wish the conditions would improve, but it just sucks out there. Right now, the 2-4 feet, viz should be around 10 feet. If you can find viz and low surf, I wanna know about it, so dropp me a reply.

Louis got this email from John on Monday, check it out.
For anyone who thinks Louis has been extreme in his advice, he hasn't. I live 1 block from Shaw's and it's been lousy. The Laguna Sea Sports dive shop is desolate. I picked up a Worthington HP 100 and wanted to try it out. Viz was 15 feet but with 5 foot waves closely spaced and tons of surge. Well, after being knocked down 5 times trying to get in having my full face mask stuck free flowing. I got out of the water to fix it. Snapped a tiny replaceable part... Arrrgh. Went back in. Knocked down 3 more times with rip tide. And this time both my full face mask (which is normally awesome for staying on my face and not leaking in surf) flooded and stuck on free flow, and my octo reg also was stuck on full free flow, and a pebble got lodged in my BCD deflator. No amount of tinkering could stop the free flow. So for a bit I'm trying to inflate a stuck BCD and feeling awful heavy in the surf. Being Mr overkill in safety I still had two spare air bottles so no reason for any stress as I could just dump it all. Nice to be able to be totally calm in an aggravating situation - spare air is great for that even if you never use it. You don't want to be in a situation where you think you can survive no more than 2 more wave hits. So feeling like I could take about 8-10 more I decided to leave the water. Two other divers were also being tumbled and I figured better to get out, dump the gear exempt for the spare air, and be ready to assist them in the surf if they should need it as opposed to being too tired to be super effective in saving them. So I surfed the next wave in, got out of the water hissing with my blasting regulators. 1300 PSI left of 3400. What a way to test a tank, and I was as tired as I would be after 2 dives. The other divers saw me get out and got out also. Yep Louis, not worth it. Even when tempted by a new tank with two whale watching boats and 2 separate whale pods 60 yards apart just 80 Yards off shore! Still not worth it. There will be better condition with more whales , patience in diving is more than just a virtue.
Thanks John for that. You can tell by his report that John is a very experienced beach diver, now picture this as a new diver? So if you see the surf is higher than 3 feet, this is simple, it is not going to be worth it.

Plus I got this email from Mike too, another very experienced beach diver.
Just so you know we're not completely crazy. Things looked "dive-able" at Shaw's on Sunday for our first look. Suited up, headed back down the stairs and just stood in the sand watching wave after wave wash in. Decided I didn't like the idea of a tumble-dry setting on the industrial clothes dryer and called the dive. Can't remember the last time I called a dive after suiting up but that little voice in the back of my head said "I don't think so".
I really like it when experienced divers tell me their 'Little voice" told them not to go, I know exactly what they are getting at, listen to your little voice. Thanks Mike.

Our plans for Saturday will hinge on the weather. Stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour