Good morning Divers!!!
Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Well, quite simply, DON'T. Surf is up and increasing and viz will be going the other way, bad and getting worse. Surf right now is 2-4+ feet and the viz is less than 10 feet.

I got a few 'Thanks' for yesterday's postings as part of the group email and again, 'Thanks' to those who provide me with excellent experiences here locally. One reply I got from Fredrick, was this quote "THERE ARE OLD DIVERS AND BOLD DIVERS, BUT THERE ARE NO OLD BOLD DIVERS..." That is true too. I only ask that you use your head (Brain?) to make good decisions, do not dive when the conditions suck and don't dive beyond your experience & comfort levels. Always dive safely, this sport is not worth dying over.

Our plans for Saturday will depend on the weather, although the current surf conditions don't help much either. I know, we have been out of the water for a longer period than I have ever seen before. In 1997 it was about 3 months, we're working on 4+ months with only 3-4 attempts to dive. All I can say is we have to stay patient, don't get the "I gotta dive" thinking. So stay with us, we'll figure it out.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour