Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Bad, simple. The surf is picking up even more. Yesterday afternoon, I checked the live cams and it is easy to see how bad it is by how wide the surf zone is, the higher the surf, the wider it gets. On those days when surf is low and viz is good, it almost looks like there is no surf zone at all. But it is not like that right now, in the morning. Surf today will be running 2-5+ feet and viz will be non existent. So all & all, it sucks if you are looking for some viz. Best way I can put it is "Oh well" :(

Our plans for Saturday don't look good do they? But I will try to be optimistic, it is difficult. Even Catalina isn't doing very well at the park, Ruth told me the average viz is 10-15 although there are some good spots, sometimes 40 feet, but in her words, they are 'Rare'. So what to do??? Well, for now stay tuned and get your honey'do's done, so there is no excuse to dive.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour