Good morning Divers!!!
Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Surf today is a bit better (Being optimistic again) and running 2-4 feet, but the viz is still very low at 10 feet & less. Seems like a broken record for this year, but my is it worth it factor is thumbs down. I have yet to read a decent local dive report. Seems like the surf may look "Do able" but just as you're thinking about hitting the water, a bigger set comes up at 5-6+ feet and people are reconsidering their dive plans. I have said it before, listen to that little voice in your head and if it tells you "I don't think so", simple, don't go into the water. This sport is not worth dying over because "You had to go". Besides, don't you want to see something u/w? That is difficult when viz is less than 10 feet, trust me there.

Our plans are for Saturday. Surf will stay about the same through Wed/Thu, but pick up by Fri. Oh joy... But stay tuned, we'll figure this out.

There is a movement in our dive community to boycott "The Shallows" movie, I have to say I agree with this stand, mainly because I don't want to see another after affect of what happened after "Jaws", when the idea was (Back then) the only good Shark is a dead one. It has taken decades for Shark populations to get back, along with bans on Shark fin soup to get "some" of those populations back. But as an example, the Blue Sharks are still rarely seen, when I remember seeing them regularly on trips to Catalina, now, I haven't seen one in years. Do what you want to as far as a boycott, but take a stand to at least, protect Sharks, they are needed in our oceans. My soap box for today.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour