Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Show up for a dive, conditions permitting, and you will have plenty of other divers to dive with. Welcome aboard.

Current diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Here we are with the 4th of July w/e and the conditions just suck. The year is now half over and we've put in 3-4 dives locally. I've been diving regularly in Laguna since 1986 and it has never been this bad. Today surf is running 3-6 feet and viz is non existent. Is it worth it? Simple, NO. Viz is terrible here and out at Catalina's u/w park. So I don't have a clue of where to go for a dive, other than, out of the area.

As I said yesterday, our plans for tomorrow are history, as in cancelled. We'll keep looking fwd to the next opportunity, next Saturday. So stay tuned and be patient.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour