Good morning Divers!!!
I got a recap about Saturday's dive from Nilo, check this out:
We dove Crescent Bay/Deadman's.
Time 39 min
Temp 57 deg
Depth: max 65 ft avg 42
Visibility: 15-20 ft
Periodic large sets were rolling in with substantial intervals in between. One diver was dissuaded from suiting up. 7 of us went in. One diver got rolled on entry and lost a fin. The fin was recovered and he joined the group at the drop down site. We seemed to be aligned well with our landmarks but on drop down we were in ~56 ft water. We swam South-Southwest over lots of sand. After a longer swim then usual, we turned North and hit the far South end of the reef. One diver had difficulty during the swim over sand and ascended. The bulk of the group swam around the South end of the reef and to the West. Notable sightings were an exposed Moray Eel and a Spanish shawl nudibranch. Visibility peaked on the backside. There was an impressive profusion of fish. The water above us and around us was crowded with clusters of juveniles and full sized adult fish. Patrolling in the crowd was an old male Sheephead with a missing dorsal fin, there was a concavity that looked like something/someone had taken a bite. We swam in mid water ~40ft but saw steep walls with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Around 1500 psi we turned East and hit a stiff current. We made it to the sand and started the swim North. We passed Deadhenge on the way back in. Just as we hit the inner reef, one diver signaled that he had 500 PSI and had to ascend. We tried to go up as a group. Some did an open water safety stop while others ascended directly. We had a long swim in and exited without issues. Everyone was accounted for on the beach. Really fun dive from my point of view.
Thanks Nilo, glad everyone had a decent dive.

Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. Not as good as the w/e. Surf has picked up somewhat due to the storms SW of us heading towards Hawaii. Surf is running 1-3= feet. Viz should be in the 10-15 feet range, so not bad. If you go out today, drop me your dive report.

Our plans are for Saturday. Stay tuned.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour