Good morning Divers!!!
Welcome those new to our list of local OC divers. Looks like you've joined up just as our best conditions of the year have arrived and yes, we schedule a dive for every Saturday conditions permitting. Welcome aboard.

Saturday recap. I met up with everyone at the mall and we had 5-6 new divers join us and about 6 that were our regulars. We decided that we'd go to Deadman's Reef at Crescent Bay. I was sidelined again with my continual sinus issues, looking for a good ENT Doc in S OC now. Anyway, the surf didn't look too bad when we got there, but did that change in the next hour. We had one diver have an issue on the way into the water and sat out the dive. The group was basically split into two smaller groups and I gave the instructions about not going too far W, or towards Emerald Bay, because the odds of landing in the "Compass dead zone" was far greater. Those who are asking "What's that?", there is a 50-100 foot area between Deadman's Reef and Seal Rock where your compass will read 180 degrees off, trust me it's there, we've run upon it quite a few times, IF you land in it, you need to dead reckon your direction and trust what you are seeing, not the compass and you'll get out of it, otherwise you'll go around in circles. Viz was very good at 20-25+ feet, but the surf kept building with sets in excess of 5 feet, yet the break between sets was good at a low of 3 minutes up to 5-6 minutes, but you had to be on your toes and paying attention to the surf, entry/exit points were critical too. But the group was rewarded with an abundance of sea life and one group saw a 5-6 foot GBSB (Giant Black Sea Bass) and it "Swam right up to us...". Makes me wonder if it was looking for a free hand out or not. Everyone exited close to the rock side of Crescent Bay without issues and then it was off to lunch at the Husky Boy. All in all a good day to be in the water.

Current scuba diving conditions in Laguna Beach. The Catalina "Shadow" is still protecting Laguna pretty well, much like Saturday, surf right now is running 2-4 feet, so you still have to pay attention to the waves. Viz should still be good at 20+ feet, but can still vary from dive site to dive site. Something to look for is the waves as they break, is the water clear as the wave breaks? That is a good sign of the viz, clearer it is, the possibility for decent viz improves too. Send me your dive reports if you head out today.

Our plans are for Saturday, Louis said he'll be back, so looking forward to having him back. So stay tuned to SCD for more throughout the week.

Diving!! DO IT!! Safely...

Rich Parker & Louis Umphenour